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Expressive Brushwork!  McDowell Art Center - North Carolina

 McDowell Art Center, Southern Charlotte, NC May 13 -16th: $595

AWARD WINNING ARTIST WORKSHOPS whose focus is to give artists the opportunity to study with nationally recognized professional artists from across the country.  

Our Artists have accumulated many Prestigious Awards and are members of leading Professional Artists Organizations.Award Winning Artist Workshops was created for artists with a desire to study with the highest caliber instructors.Professional Artists are continually being scheduled to instruct high skill level workshops both studio and plein air.

"Expressive Brushwork"  4-Day Workshop.

           Brushwork is your other  “Voice”…Your Signature... It is recognizable whether you know it or not.

          Think of painting as if weaving a tapestry…overlapping the negative shapes with positive shapes (and visa versa) to create  the edges of shapes….and to define the shapes in the process..

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