It has always been hard for me to be "productive" between Thanksgiving and the New Year. It's not just the external demands around this time of year....It's more of an internal thing.  I used to blame it on DNA (having grown up with four distinct seasons in New England)- predisposed to hibernating in the winter. Perhaps I  just need the chance to step off my own personalized treadmill after busting butt the rest of the year. Whatever it is, I have learned to appreciate this downtime and relish the rejuvenating affect it has upon my person and creative core........I daydream a lot, slow down, redo my studio (last year I painted it) or work small abstracts to re-set my clock. Maybe this coming year I can pace myself differently - We'll see.....


New Website

It has taken quite a long time to arrive at a platform that I feel like I can manage and update myself. This is the start of another journey....thanks for joining!